The Doctor Who Was Murdered By The Police Captain

A bite mark on the body is the strongest lead.

Dylan Deckard
4 min readApr 21, 2021


Dr. Margo Prade / Photo by Cleveland 19 News


Doug and Dr. Margo Prade appeared to be living the “American Dream”. He was Akron Ohio’s first African-American police captain. She was a very successful doctor with her own practice. In 1997, the “dream” shattered with a divorce and then 8 months later on November 26th, Margo was executed.

The Crime

On November 26, 1997, Margo called Joyce, a friend, and co-worker, at around 9 AM saying she was going to be a little late for work. Later that morning, Margo had not shown up, and then another co-worker ran into the office screaming that Margo was in her car and that she was badly hurt. A call to 911 was immediately placed and the police rushed to the scene. They were too late, Margo died before they could arrive. Doug Prado arrived on the scene, seemingly not knowing that his ex-wife was dead, collapses to the ground in disbelief and grief.

Since Doug was married to Margo he was not allowed to work the case. The police recognized the car was a crime scene and therefore, the CSI team searched the entire car for evidence. There were many bullet casings in and surrounding the car on the ground. The cause of death was deemed multiple gunshots, including one to her hand as if she put it up to defend herself. The most noteworthy evidence was a bite mark on her arm. The police realized, if they find the bite mark match, then they most likely found her killer.

The investigators catch a break and were able to use security tapes from a car dealership directly across the street from the crime scene. The murder of Dr. Margo Prade was caught on video. The tapes proved that she arrived at her practice and then at 9:10 a.m. another car pulled in next to her. Their tapes catch movement from 9:10 a.m. to 9:12 a.m. And then the unknown driver pulls away.

The police focus their investigation on trying to find a match for the bite mark. They start testing co-workers, family members, and anybody that regularly had contact with Margo. They ask Doug Prade for an alibi and bite mark. He provides them an alibi and they believe him and clear him without evidence of his…